Irish Slang 101

This week I decided to be a bit less formal and share some of the slang that I have learned since living in Ireland. It’s much different than hearing people saying things like “send it” or referring to something as “lit.”

Here is a glimpse:

Grand - It’s not okay, it’s not great, it’s just grand.

Gas - Fun, enjoyment. Example: “Last night was gas.”

How do/did you find… - Similar to how did you like? Example: “How did you find Galway?” My initial response: “Um, I took the bus?”

Rubbish - Trash.

Craic - Used in many contexts, but mostly involving fun or gossip. “Great craic” would be for something fun.

Lads - A better version of saying your guy friends.

Mates - Friends.

Bollox - A less aggressive version of the F-word. When I heard a man on the street say “Bollox!” I knew it was my queue to avoid him.

Queue - You don’t wait in a line here, you wait in a queue.

Proper - Everyone uses proper. “Let’s go for a proper drink.”

Pint - beer. You go get a pint at the pub, not a beer at the bar. ** Irish Slang includes many words that relate to their pub/drinking culture. Locked, Pissed, Rounds, Cans, Jammers and more.

Taking a piss - Joking. They aren’t urinating, someone is just joshing with ya.

Sound - Used in many contexts. Reliable. A favor, that is usually unexpected.

Dodgy - Urban dictionary hits it on the head - a British version of shady.

Half 7 - The time 7:30. Instead of saying quarter til x, they use halves.

Trousers - Pants.

There are many more that I’ve missed, but you’ll have to learn them when you visit Ireland in your lifetime.

Cheers mates,


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