Act of Kindness

This week for Halloween, I decided to go as Conor McGregor to our Post Grad Halloween party. McGregor, a well-known Irish UFC fighter, posted a picture on Instagram that I wanted to emulate and knew that having some tattoos was going to be a key component to my costume. Drawing quality tattoos wasn’t going to be a quick 10-minute deal so I knew I needed someone who would be able to commit to drawing the tattoos on me. I asked my classmate and friend, Jing, if she liked to draw as I’d seen her creativity on her Instagram and she said yes. I told her what I was inquiring about with the tattoos and she informed me that she had never drawn a tattoo before, but that she was happy to give it a try. To be honest, I would’ve been happy with just about anything as I know people are busy and I didn’t want to be a burden.

Jing is from Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia, in China. From our initial encounters and conversations, I could tell that Jing and I were different people in many ways. We are from opposite sides of the world; she is soft-spoken and nice, while I am loud and transparent.


Jing didn’t know who Conor McGregor was, she wasn’t going to the Halloween party, but yet she spent over an hour, meticulously drawing a temporary sharpie tattoo that many people actually thought was real — It was quite impressive. She was proud and even posted a picture on her Instagram.

Prior to the drawing, I messaged her on WhatsApp to buy her dinner or something for her generosity and she said, “u don’t need to buy anything ~ as we r friends ~ and that’s what friend should do.” Yes Jing, we are friends and I am thankful for that.

We read stories about simple acts of kindness on the internet, but often times negativity tends to take the forefront when it comes to today’s media. Jing was a great reminder to me that although we come from different cultural backgrounds and embody various different personality traits, kindness will always bring people together. Acts of kindness are contagious. The world needs more people like Jing.


Jake SiegertComment