Dublin Housing Crisis

Before moving, I had a couple of people who previously lived in Dublin tell me about the housing crisis that is currently happening here. They warned me of scams, high rent prices, competitiveness to find places and more. This was a scenario where you really never understand the magnitude of something until you actually experience it for yourself. The housing crisis can be contributed to many reasons like Brexit - resulting in many financial institutes moving to Dublin, over 4,000 houses being used for the short-let market with AirBnB and the building of new housing not keeping up with the demand.

Prior to arriving, I could have secured a living situation by living in student accommodations by paying a pretty penny, but I decided that I had already had the ‘dorm’ experience and wanted to continue being an adult with my own apartment/house. So I did the millennial thing to do and went on Facebook to find a friend to live with where I met another Trinity student named Brett and booked a temporary place together. It was a four-person bunk room that we had hoped would last for a week or two while we sorted out a permanent place. Little did we know just how difficult it would be to solidify a place to live...

For two straight weeks, we continually searched Facebook roommate groups and online sites to find a place. We crafted that “follow-up” sales type email just to try to capture landlord’s eyes for them to pick us. We probably sent out 50 inquiries, heard back from five and really only had one that was appealing. Each day the uncertainty loomed larger and we really didn’t know how desperate with money or distance we’d have to get to find a place to live. Thank goodness that Brett connected with the current housemate because of their Canadian heritage; humans are tribal by nature, and in this instance, that was totally okay with me. We found a nice place a bit out of the city center, but now I have my own room, a double bed and live near a castle and golf course. What else could I ask from an experience in Ireland? We lucked out on this situation and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Some situations in life, like sharing a room with three grown men, are not ideal. However, it was proof to me that when you have to ‘make do’ with a situation – you will find a way. Experiences like this humble and remind me the importance of a positive attitude, expressing gratitude towards people who are unlike me, and just how fortunate I am. Today, I am thankful – that feeling of home is not something I will take for granted.


Jake SiegertComment