Choose Action

In 2018, one of the best things that I did was sign up for daily emails from Clint Hurdle and Steve Gilbert. They each send encouraging emails that teach life lessons on a wide spectrum of topics ranging from success, courage, optimism, love and more. Each time I read the emails, I find the topics extremely relatable and helpful to better a portion of myself, even if it is a topic about parenting, as still today my thoughts and actions will impact my future. Two topics that Steve and Clint recently shared were: “One Word Can Help You in 2019” and “The Mistake Smart People Make: Being In Motion vs. Taking Action.”

The basis of the email “One Word Can Help You in 2019”  is that you choose one word that best describes what you are looking to improve on in 2019. Just one simple word. Steve says, “The idea is that the choices you make, or the way you live this year is guided by the word you have chosen. It is simple, but it is also powerful.” New Year’s resolutions always seem to be a bust, so I wanted to take this reset button of a New Year and encourage positive purpose in my life. This led me to start thinking about what word that I could choose for my 2019.

Then, I read the email “The Mistake Smart People Make: Being In Motion vs. Taking Action” that discussed how motion can be useful, but it never produces outcomes or results. Only actions will. This was extremely relatable because I know how easy it can to be “on my computer” and “working,” but when I look back I have a hard time identifying and quantifying the work that I actually completed. John Wooden once said, “Never mistake activity for achievement.” James Clear states, “Here’s the single greatest skill in any endeavor: doing the work.”

That led me to the decision that my word for 2019 is ACTION. In the next year, I will complete my master’s, find a new job, complete a triathlon, and more along the way. A sizeable portion of completing my master’s degree is submitting a 12,000 word thesis to fulfill the degree requirements. When writing a thesis, research is a huge piece of it to display your expertise in the topic and convey a strong argument in the body of work. With that in mind, research is ambiguous as it doesn’t create results; my analysis and findings of the research that are written down will create results. I must be diligent during this period to ensure I am not wasting hours in motion and thinking I am being productive simply by “researching.”

The same goes for my upcoming job search, as rather than just searching for jobs for hours, to create action I’ve set up targeted alerts for jobs that I may be qualified for and the ones I like and feel the most qualified for, I will actually apply to. This is something I know I need to do in order to create the results that I am looking for and find a great job.

2019, just like other years, has to involve putting in the work in order to create actionable results. I’m excited for what is to come this year and can’t wait to support those around me in their endeavors as well. Let’s help each other to produce results. Choose Action.


P.S. If you are interested in these daily emails that have positively influenced my life, here are the links to each. and email to join Steve’s list.

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