International Trade

Since embarking on this international journey, I’ve continued to have a strong interest in international trade. I love seeing how countries are able to exchange goods and services for mutual gain. Humans around the world have numerous language, race and cultural barriers, but the goods and services in surplus or shortage in certain parts of the world have led to countries creating a mutually beneficial relationship with each other. I love this because far too often our society loves to point out the differences between humans, rather than our cohesiveness and ability to make positive change in the world by working together.

When you look at the data of international trade, you can’t argue the fact that the world is extremely intertwined and works well together. However the topics we see in the news continuously talk about the differences and conflicts of humans. Topics about US/China Trade Wars, ISIS, racism, etc. flood our timelines on a daily basis. It is okay to have differences, that is what makes us unique, but we also need to remind ourselves of the similarities and power of the human race loving each other and working together.

Today I just wanted to shine a light that humans can and do work well together. I believe in a world as Luke Bryan says, “Most people are good.” I will continue to strive to love and be curious about the people around me and their thoughts/beliefs. We can continue to strike positive change and live in a better global community.


Jake SiegertComment