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Moving far away to a place where I didn’t know a soul has given me a huge perspective of what really is important to me. The most important aspect of my life has been my family. They support, encourage, challenge, and love me from near and far. This weekend reminded me once again how I feel undeserving to be blessed with the family that I have.

My cousin Erica works as a flight attendant for United Airlines based out of Dulles Airport in Washington D.C. One of the perks that come with her job is that she can pick up shifts for different flights around the world. Another perk is that she gets buddy passes for her family to fly for free or for a small amount on standby with United.

This past weekend, Erica was able to pick up a flight to come to Dublin and her mom, my Aunt Nette, decided to join her for the trip. Little did I know, my cousin and childhood best friend, Trevor, decided to surprise me and come along as well.

I planned to meet Erica and Aunt Nette in the front square of Trinity after my class was over and was quickly blown away when I saw this large male figure with them who I quickly realized was Trevor. I was in awe, I genuinely felt like I was in a dream for a bit, until he gave me a hug and I saw tears in Aunt Nette’s eyes, then I knew it was real. We had a fantastic weekend exploring Dalkey, a coastal town near Dublin, eating great meals and chatting about family and life.

Erica purposely picked up the shift to see me, but Trevor and Aunt Nette travelled over 24 total hours to spend 36 hours with me. I felt unconditionally loved.

Family looks different for everyone, but I’ve learned that it is sometimes easy to take those we love for granted because we don’t know any different; they are the ones who we grew up with. Or on the contrary, it may not be a strong-hold of your life and you’ve had to learn to adapt and grow from it. Either way, I’ve learned to take ownership of each situation and know that the people that I have invested in, will support me no matter what.

People are what make this life truly incredible, so I encourage you to tell your family and close friends that you love them — It will go a long way.


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