Season of Busyness

Alluring physical landscapes encompass our surroundings, yet we as human beings tend to focus on the virtual world and allow it to consume our days.

Technology controls how we interact, produce content, solve problems and view the world, and nowadays we have this luxury in the palm of our hands.

Seasons of busyness are inevitable for nearly everyone, but the way we navigate through those seasons looks different for each individual. For me, as my school work piles up with readings, writing essays, creating presentations and research that revolve around the technology of Steve Jobs, my escape from it is how I remain level headed. As level as the world is flat, per se.

So this week, the blog is short and sweet — I am limiting excessive use of technology and plan on going for an extra walk or have an intentional conversation with my friends with whom my time is limited. Time is scarce, but my school work will be nonexistent when I complete this season of busyness. Onward.


Jake SiegertComment