Gone In An Instant

Yesterday, April 15th, the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris was engulfed in flames for about nine hours until firefighters were able to extinguish the fire. The flames caused the spire to collapse, the stain-glass windows to melt away and caused significant damage to the ceiling and framing that was built back in the 12th century. 800 years of history, gone in an instant…

To think just months before I was sitting on the pews, admiring the stain-glass windows within the magnificent Cathedral. Now it is scattered with rubble and a small restoration construction process just led to a costly, extensive restoration process ahead.

The feeling is eerie knowing that I was just sitting peacefully in the immaculate Cathedral two months ago, and now it may not be open to the public again for over three years.

The story that struck me the most is that The Holy Crown of Thorns was luckily saved and preserved. These artifacts are truly life-changing as it really gives tangible aspects to Christianity. Jesus experienced skull-crushing pain to provide us with eternal life… I’m happy to hear that The Holy Crown of Thorns worn during his sacrifice will still be seen for generations to come.

This devastating event to France, Catholics and people around the world is a reminder that nothing lasts forever, except our faith. Your life may feel like it is engulfed in flames at times, but we must persevere and weather the hard times to enjoy the good, everlasting times. Life is fragile... hug your loved ones and say an extra prayer today.


Jake SiegertComment