What Is Passion?

Find your passion. Find your passion. Find your passion. Do something you are passionate about. Do what you love. Life is too short. Find your passion. Did I mention find your pa…

In our society and especially the millennial generation, it is a regularity for someone to bring up the infamous P word when discussing our careers. This has been misleading for me at times when I was in a world where I was contemplating what my interests were, let alone passions.

Definitions of passion vary from: “an intense desire or enthusiasm for something,” “a state or outburst of strong emotion.” or “the suffering and death of Jesus.” This word is far from a one size fits all meaning and our biases often bring strong emotion into how we perceive and approach it.

In high school, I found a passion for wrestling, something my 10-year-old baseball loving self would’ve never thought to be possible. During my wrestling career, I experienced a valence of emotions of anticipation, anguish, joy, surprise, disgust, relief, fear, and passion. As the blood, sweat and tears dripped on the mat time after time, I put my heart and soul into it — even when I was often on the wrong end of the winning stick. It wasn’t easy, but it taught me far more about life because the trenches are often the reality.

I didn’t know wrestling was something that I was passionate about until I immersed myself in it and gave it my all. I didn’t know that exploring God’s creation was something I was passionate about until I went on my first solo trip and realized that it is really something that excites ME, it’s not just someone or something telling me that I should like it.

What I’ve come to learn is that whether it is work or for leisure, the mindset behind it is key in everything we do. Passion is a strong emotion, yet I think we use it too often that it tends to dilute the meaning or how we approach it. It’s similar to awesome, the word means, “to inspire awe,” but now we say it as any sort of vague filler word.

Passion doesn’t happen overnight and I’ve learned that until I fully immerse myself and give my all in the job or hobby, then I start to realize those passions. For me, passion is a mindset — the activities that you give you the strong emotions come over time.


Jake SiegertComment