The Road Less Traveled

Winds whistling in from the North Atlantic Ocean. A brisk coolness in the air. The sun shimmering through the clouds with a lucid brightness reflecting on the ocean. A noticeable smell of salt in the air mixed with the aroma of fresh cut grass. The perfect slope of a hill you just had to drop everything and roll down it. The narrow, winding roads through the Dingle Peninsula were a bit trying, but boy they were worth it. This was pure bliss.

These experiences of finding gems that are a bit off the beaten path are continually some of my favorite adventures. Curiosity in many senses is why I wake up each day... To see the landscapes, people, animals, history and complexities that are around me everywhere I go.

So my advice to you and myself is:

  • Rent a car, hike a mountain, ski the trees, find the local watering hole, talk to the local people, visit the historical buildings and museums, play cards at the table, cook meals for others and seek out experiences that take you out of your comfort zone.

The “comfort zone” is a cliche that many people talk about, but I find it so necessary to get out of it and explore the world with curiosity. Driving a car on the left side of the road is the norm for many, so unless I am willing to put myself in their shoes, I will never truly be able to empathize with them.

I’m starting to find my ‘Why’ each and every day and writing about it helps me process it a bit more. Go out and explore… this is a good life we get to lead.


Jake SiegertComment