Tell Me More

I chose to study international management because I thought I liked to travel. That was what this basic Millennial American white kid envisioned, anyway. But what I’ve learned is that I’ve been captured by the cultures and differences in the world. I find myself continuously reflecting on how I fit into this puzzle piece. I’m biased. I connect more with people who talk similarly and share similar cultures and interests with me. I’m far from perfect, but I am trying to empathize more with people each day. There are three words that have continued to change my perspective, have caused me to reflect and challenge me each day: Tell me more.

You don’t like watching hours of American sports with the boys; Tell me more. You can speak five languages, travel to different continents to lecture with passion at the cost of your time with loved ones just to teach students that stare at their computers or phones during class; Tell me more. You are hitchhiking from one surf hostel to the next because you can; Tell me more. You are an inspirational leader, entrepreneur and woman, yet you’d never want to work in the US because you don’t want to benefit a community “that doesn’t want you in it”; Tell me more. You’re doing a Europe trip post-college graduation; Tell me more. You’ve applied to 200 jobs that you are qualified for, yet have only received just three interview requests because of your nationality; Tell me more. You have a housekeeper to clean the dust off of your floors with a mop twice a day who then proceeds to throw the water out of the window; Tell me more. You sit in a Western classroom that encourages student engagement and you are filled with valuable insights and knowledge, yet you remain quiet waiting for the lecturer’s lead; Tell me more. You snowmobile from one cabin to the next during winter; Tell me more. You’ve grown up in a post-Holocaust, Germany; Tell me more.

These are a few of the stories that I’ve heard and learned about in the past year. Perspectives that challenge me and are continually pushing my curiosity and my interest to learn more about my surroundings, the people and my own footprint in this chaotic world. Each story is shaping my own story. So please, tell me more.


Jake SiegertComment